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Interplanetary Strip Poker - Strip Poker Wives Stories

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Interplanetary Strip Poker - Strip Poker Wives Stories

Men are from Mars, Woman are from Polaria

There's no question about it.  More men want to move to Polaria than to any other planet in the galaxy -- and it is the most selective as to who it will allow in.

Polaria has only one consulate on Earth and it is staffed by five incredibly gorgeous women who have to approve any application.  They will permit no visitors, only permanent immigrants, and what makes the planet such a lure is that these five representatives were selected out of pity.  By the standards of their home planet they are so ugly that they would never have a chance of getting a man there.

Guido Calvero of Naples, Lin Wong of Beijing, Douglas MacLean of Glasgow, Pierre Poirier of Marseilles, Ari Ben-Nun of Tel Aviv and John Richards of Omaha were among the lucky ones.  They had all gone to the Polarian Consulate in the world capital of Tokyo and worked their way through the selection process.  First they were given quick interviews where those who were not considered handsome enough were immediately rejected.  Then they were subjected to long psychometric examinations which were aimed at determining their mental and emotional limits. Finally, they were given physical examinations -- and a slight blemish or any hint of an illness would have disqualified them.

Learning the rules

They were told the rules, but nothing more.  The rules, themselves, were simple:  They would have to agree to have no contact with anyone off of Polaria. This included both friends and family.  Polarians, it was explained, tend to be rather secretive and do not want anything about their society known to outsiders.  That is why no visitors are allowed.

The men smiled inwardly.  The one thing they wanted to know about Polaria was common knowledge on Earth:  the Polarian men were incapable of having sex.  Over a thousand years ago a nuclear accident on the planet had caused a mutation which resulted in all male babies being born without reproductive organs.  Although they were bigger and stronger than Earth men and as good-looking as the Polarian women, they were simply eunuchs.  The Polarian women, any of whom would win an Earthly beauty contest without even trying, had to turn to other planets to find mates -- or else the whole population would have died off years ago.

They only took men from planets with humanoid populations and Earth was one of several where the Polarians had consulates which were charged with finding suitable applicants.

The New World

The Polarian space ship which took them there was staffed by men but when they arrived they were greeted by six women, each, as the rumors had promised, an indescribable beauty.  

"You've come on a good day," said the group leader, who introduced herself as Melba.  "It is a planetary holiday and the twelve of us will be celebrating it together."

"What kind of celebration will we have?" asked Richards, the American.

"I imagine that it is not all that different from what you do on Earth," Melba replied.  "We will have some drinks, play a game, eat a big dinner, and then make love."

"That sounds mighty fine to me," said the Scottish MacLean.  "What kind of games do you have in mind?"

"Just one," answered a brunette named Talia, "it is our favorite -- strip poker. Do you know it?"

"Very well," said Ben-Nun, "and it happens to be our favorite as well."

The six men and six women went into a building which was very similar to a Swiss chalet -- at least the kind of chalets which had dotted the Swiss countryside centuries earlier.  Today, of course, because of overcrowding Switzerland and all other places on earth had only high-rise apartment buildings.

The Strip Poker game

After several glasses of a deep red Polarian wine, which the Frenchman, Poirier deemed one of the finest he had ever tasted, the women opened a fresh deck of cards and they started playing.  As piece after piece of clothing came off, the Earthmen studied the Polarian women and found them to be as perfect as they had imagined.  The women, in turn, kept looking at the men hungrily.

Because there were so many people playing, it took almost an hour before they were all naked.  In that time, they had continued sipping the wine and all were feeling very good.

"Wouldn't this be a good time for us to make love?", asked Lin Wong, who had taken a particular interest in Willia -- who also seemed to be particulary drawn to him.

"Not yet," said the blonde Gallia.  "Dinner is always eaten on Polaria before we have sex."

"I would have preferred it the other way around," said Calvero, "but we're on your planet and will follow your customs. What's on the holiday menu?"

"It's a wide range of food," Melba told him, "but it is all Earth-style.  Personally, I like eating Italian but Willia always wants to snack on some Chinese.  Gallia likes kosher food while Talia enjoys a Scottish meal."

"Don't any of you like good old American food?" laughed Richards.

"I do," said Beena, a startling red-head.  "In fact, it's my favorite."

"Can you cook all of these varieties here?" Richards asked.

"Of course," Melba replied.  "Our chefs are experts on all kinds of inter-planetary foods.  The problem is getting the ingredients, so we have our consulates on the various planets send them to us."


Melba picked up a golden bell and shook it.  As she did, six large Polarian men walked into the room.  

"These are our husbands," Melba told the Earthlings.  "We'll be having dinner with them and later, as I said, we'll finish the night off by making love."

"Your husbands will also be making love?" asked Ben-Nun, who seemed confused.  "But I thought that was impossible for Polarian men."

"That's just a silly rumor that somehow got spread around the galaxy," Melba replied.  "Polarian men are the best lovers in the universe."

"Then what are we doing here?" asked MacLean.

"Isn't that obvious?' Talia replied, "You are the ingredients that our Earth consulate sent us.  I'm sure you will be delicious."

"Certainly you didn't think that we would want to make love to men who look like you," said Gallia.  "That would be disgusting."

"Then what was this strip poker all about?" asked Poirier, a bit stunned.

"We had to inspect the ingredients to make certain they were in good condition, didn't we?" Talia replied.

"Besides," Beena giggled, "it may be a bit childish on our part, but we enjoy playing with our food."

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