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Strip Poker Stories

Have fun watching Strip Poker and other Strip Games videos. Enjoy reading Strip Poker stories from other players.

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Strip Poker Rules

Winning is everything
Surely everyone over a certain age has played strip poker at some point? There are hundreds of strip poker stories doing the rounds all over the World Wide Web, yet Judging by the number of searches for strip poker rules it doesn’t look like it! So then it would seem a comprehensive list of strip poker rules is required.

First things first
It goes without saying that every player should not only be over 16 or whatever the age of consent is in your state or country of residence, but also comfortable with what they are about to do and no one is too inebriated so as to have regrets in the morning. Right that’s the responsible bit done with. Now for the fun bit.

Decide what every item of clothing is worth, maybe a sock could be worth 1 bet and a pair of underpants could be worth five. Or if you want to keep it simple have every item worth the same. It is best to play a version of poker that does not have too many betting rounds. Texas Hold ‘Em could get a little too complicated so it is probably best to play 5 card draw. 5 card draw is the easiest poker game to understand and the original, so inexperienced card players should have no trouble at all picking it up.

Each player should put a small bet into the pot (here is where wearing socks will come in handy.)

The Dealer
Decide on the dealer (usually this is done by dealing cards and the player with the highest card will then become the dealer. Remember the dealer changes with every hand and moves clockwise around the table)

The dealer starts dealing to the player on his/her left and deals out five cards to everyone.

The players pick up their cards and suss out their hands.

There is then a round of betting which begins with the player to the dealer’s left. At this point if you have a good hand it may be better to start betting small, perhaps with a t-shirt, rather than scare the rest of the players off by betting for underpants!

Once the betting has been done, those players still in the hand are able to swap up to three cards for new ones from the deck. You do not have to swap any cards and if you are in possession of an ace if they show the other players the ace they may swap four cards.

Nearing the Naked End
A final round of betting commences and this is then were you may start asking for bras and pants if not only to bluff as if you will comfortably win the round, to make sure you are able to keep yours on!

Once the betting is finished the remaining players must then show their hands. The losers get naked whilst the winners have a good giggle. And the game starts again. Of course these rules are just a guide, you can tweak them a little to make it even more fun by having the game stop once one person gets naked and then allowing the other players to put back on their clothes whilst the loser must remain naked for the rest of the party. To make the game even more simple you could have the weakest hand take off an item of clothing after ever hand dealt and do away with the rounds of betting.

Strip poker rules are as easy as poker rules get. Why not try your luck (in more ways than one) at your next party?

Strip Poker Videos

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Strip Poker Stories

Police, Poker and Panties
Nude Male Strip Poker Stories by Barbara Stone

Just one of those days
I would say that this was destined to be one of those days which would wind up with me playing a strip poker game with my best friend's husband but the truth is I never did have a day like this before.

Maybe I had better start from the beginning. My name is Barbara Stone and I am the Chief of Police in Rivetville, Alabama. In fact, I am almost the entire police force in Rivetville. It is a small town -- almost a village -- and the only other cop is a part timer named Mike. When the mayor hired me, he was almost laughed out of town. Six years earlier I had been Miss New York State and the locals couldn't believe that I could be an effective police officer. The mayor, however, figured that as I am a graduate of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice as well as a former New York City cop, I was better qualified than any of the other three people who applied for the job.

I figured I had to prove myself right away, so my first night on the job I walked into "My Big Bubba's Bar" and waited for somebody to give me a problem. It didn't take too long. As I neared the bar, Frank Keagan, the town lout, grabbed my ass. I put him in a choke hold, placed the cuffs on him, and hauled him off for assaulting an officer. After that, people treated me a lot differently.

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The Naked Truth

Heard the one about the teenage boy who was playing strip poker online with his friends and four hot girls when his mom walked into the room? Or the one about the bored wife who wished to see some naked guys only for her to end up the one naked and having to serve dips and chips to her husband’s friends in her undressed state? Perhaps you have heard the one about the UCLA students who got busted taking strip poker a little too far by also wagering sexual favours once naked? Well if you haven’t then you obviously haven’t searched the web hard enough!

It would seem everyone has strip poker stories. Strip poker is as much of a part of growing up as spin the bottle and kiss chase. Yet strip poker rules are not just for teens. For those adults wanting to spice up their dinner parties but are not quite ready to chuck the Beamer keys into the fruit bowl, the strip poker game is finding its way back into contemporary society.

Perhaps this is in part due to the phenomenon that is “Texas Hold ‘Em” and the enormous popularity that the game is enjoying at the moment. If the husband (or the wife, as a female poker player myself I am not about to get sexist here) goes to a regular game at a friend’s house, the wife (or the husband) might be interested enough to find out what all the fuss is about, in a much more fun and interesting way than just to win a few dollars! Maybe she has always wanted to see Harvey from next door’s butt? Maybe so has he!

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