Strip Poker Stories

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Strip Poker Stories

Strip Poker Stories

The Naked Truth

Heard the one about the teenage boy who was playing strip poker with his friends and four hot girls when his mom walked into the room? Or the one about the bored wife who wished to see some naked guys only for her to end up the one naked and having to serve dips and chips to her husband’s friends in her undressed state? Perhaps you have heard the one about the UCLA students who got busted taking strip poker a little too far by also wagering sexual favours once naked? Well if you haven’t then you obviously haven’t searched the web hard enough!

Coming of age with Strip Poker

It would seem everyone has strip poker stories. Strip poker is as much of a part of growing up as spin the bottle and kiss chase. Yet strip poker is not just for teens. For those adults wanting to spice up their dinner parties but are not quite ready to chuck the Beamer keys into the fruit bowl, strip poker is finding its way back into contemporary society.

Perhaps this is in part due to the phenomenon that is “Texas Hold ‘Em” and the enormous popularity that the game is enjoying at the moment. If the husband (or the wife, as a female poker player myself I am not about to get sexist here) goes to a regular game at a friend’s house, the wife (or the husband) might be interested enough to find out what all the fuss is about, in a much more fun and interesting way than just to win a few dollars! Maybe she has always wanted to see Harvey from next door’s butt? Maybe so has he!

Because of strip poker’s association with teenage years and college, it has managed to retain innocence about it. For someone to suggest a game of strip poker light heartedly is not going to make that person seem like a sleazebag as much as similar suggestions would. I mean at the end of the day the person is asking the room to get naked yet it doesn’t appear to feel like that (not at the time anyway).

Owing to the fact that it does have an element of skill, especially if you play a recognized version such as five card draw, the strip poker player’s destiny is quite literally in his/her hands. Being naturally competitive and for the most part, (especially I might add here, when inebriated, as strip poker players inevitably are) confident in their own abilities, the strip poker player never sits down at the table expecting to be the first or the only one get naked!

Don't get caught out!

There are however some cruel versions out there, for example some people play only until one person is naked, or some people play until everybody gets naked but then allows everybody except the first person naked to get dressed whilst that poor, naked and probably cold individual remains nude for the rest of the gathering, thank God these people must think strip poker games do not usually happen at the beginning of the evening! However there are nicer ways to play. If you want a basic overview of the rules you can find it in our Strip Poker Rules article. As much as the strip poker stories discussed at the top of this page might make you smile there is nothing like having your own! And remember if you do get brave enough or should that be lucky enough, to experience one, be sure to tell us all about it, we will be all ears!

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